SJ Hbis dispatched and introduction of new SJ Q12 tank cars

In the past days we have been busy shipping out the orders of the the SJ Hbis (872201-6)  and Shell tankcars (871008-9) to our dealers. We can now inform that all SJ Hbis are sold out from our side – the demand for these cars have been much higher than we expected, so we thank all who supported this project.

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Together with the deliveries we included a news flyer with 4 new SJ Q12 Tatra tankcars (DK-871020-23) , and these cars are now also here on our website.

All the new versions of Q12 is with silver color tanks and in different era with different versions of the BP logos. Besides this, 3 of the cars (DK-871021-23) are new tooling version with new tank, including running boards at both sides of the dome.   

These 4 cars will be available at end June 2020, but can already now be preordered at your Dekas dealer.

Welcome to our new homepage

During the last time many modellers have asked why our website seems quite outdated and as I told those who asked – we are making a new one. Not that the old one wasn’t working, but many things have happened since we launched it back in 2015.

Instead of doing it ourselves, we subcontracted this work, and it has definitely been worth the money.

With the new homepage, we got a cleaner look, search option built and a much better presentation of the products – so you can see the details and quality. In the near future, we will add detail product pictures in the gallery at the bottom of each product site – right now these closeup pics are only on the Shell tankcars, and the SJ Hbis 731.

Our hope is we will in addition to the product presentations, upload history of the actual prototypes, pictures and other material. But it will all come step by step.

I hope you will enjoy or new homepage.

Kasper Bang Jensen

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