Ålborg 5-plank PF dispatched

This week we have received and dispatched the 5-plank hopper wans from Ålborg Privatbaner. So all dealers who have preordered now have them delivered.

The cars are one plank lower than the DSB versions and previous released PF cars, and therefore we made a new body mould for these four cars. To our knowledge this is the first time ever a private railway car is done in mass production, where it is not a new color scheme of a DSB cars. We hope you will support this project.

Please also note that the PFR with brakehouse item no. DK-873024 now has sold out.

DSB PFR with brake house & SJ Kö

Firstly, we need to apologize that the website has not been properly updated lately, but it is only been because we are busy shipping out and making new models.

We have now added the DSB CM passenger car; the private railway Q van; and Ålborg five plank hoppers to the site.

PFR with brake house in the shops

Last week we sent out the PFR cars with the brake house to the shops. We are taken by surprise by the sales of this car – today we only have around 10% of the whole production left at our warehouse.

SJ Kö / Ugkkp

We have received the decoration sample, and besides a small mistake by adding cornermarks to the Ugkkp car if has been approved. After the Chinese new year holiday we will start mass production and expect the models to arrive in April / May 2022.

We are very sorry for the delay, but it is due to the current energy crisis that China is so far going though.


Dekas all started with small parts to the modellers in lostwax metal. In 2021 our supplier closed down, and that combined with making more and more “mainstream” models, we have decided to let these items run out and be replaced with items from our models.

Currently, DK-A-1003 has sold out and been discontinued. It is being replaced with DK-991010.

Winter news

Last weekend we attended the Hobbymessen in Rødovre and here we presented our new catalogue.

Among the already known models we presented some new items.  These are:

  • IndlandsBanen TMX 1014 (DK-8750121~4)
  • DSB CM 2193-2202 passager coach (DK-876101~5)
  • Small Q wagon from GDS (DK-872413~15) and Nordfyn. (DK-872415~16)
  • Five-plank version of PF from Ålborg privatbaner (873027~30)

The catalogue can be collected at your Dekas dealer (not all have received copies yet) or can be downloaded here.

As you all are aware shipping from China to Europe is a huge challenge these days, and our deliveries of new items are therefore also not on schedule. Unfortunately.

But the good news is that next week the following items will arrive in Denmark:

  • TWA-800B
  • TKVJ, FFJ, HHJ and OHJ privaterailway Q-wagons

All these models will be dispatched to the dealers who preordered on 22nd and 23rd November.



TMX delivered and HFHJ Mx 17 as new item

This week we have received our TMX locos and dispatched them to the dealers.

The locos have been so popular that the VIDA is fully sold out, but we still have a limited quantity of Tågkraft in blue and orange available.

We are already now planning a rerun for delivery in Q4 2021 / Q1 2022 – so you can still order at your Dekas dealers.

New item: HFHJ MX 17

Together with the TMX we have produced a Danish private railway version in limited quantity – HFHJ MX 17.

This particular loco is interesting because after it was taken over by HFHJ and painted in their livery it was rented out to DSB. During the lease time it was mainly pulling the Danlink freight trains, often in double traction with DSB MX or Mz IV.

The HFHJ Mx 17 will only be available in LokSound versions:
DK-8750113     HFHJ MX 17 AC med LokSound                         
DK-8750114     HFHJ MX 17 DC med LokSound

These locos are in stock and ready for delivery.

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