LJ PF and Accessories

Roughly a week ago we introduced our latest – and in this run last – private railway version of the PF cars. This time it is from Lollandsbanen. See the two cars now on our website.

Under products a new subcategory has been added – Accessories, which contains a full list of our parts for the modeller. We have decided that the range of lostwax brass parts will not be expanded, but we will add
some component from our current models, such as the sprung buffers (DK-991010).

Happy New Year

2020 is drawing to a close and what a year it turned out to be.

Looking back at what I wrote last new year, I was apparently anticipating challenges – and I have to say there were plenty of those in 2020. The whole world as well as Dekas has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in spite of all the challenges we’ve had: no physical meetings (no visits to the factory either), shipping taking 1½ week instead of two days, rising shipping costs and not least the various delays incurred, the year has also offered us rising turnover and greater prosperity. We have in 2020 experienced greater and more stable demand – both with regard to our own products as well as OEM production. That helps a lot and we are very grateful. Thank you! We promise to continue in this vein.

It was also a year where we sought to integrate railway history with our model production. We have established close working ties with Ulrik Tarp Jensen who writes a short historical overview to accompany every new wagon issue. I hope and trust you will find this of value.

How about the future? Moving into 2021 we can reveal that new models are on the way – both the already announced, like DSB ZA 99515-20, but also other “secret” projects which will be announced during the year. In late summer we plan to publish a new product catalogue where some of the secret projects will be announced. Some new products have already received test shoots. If financial forecasts hold then we should also be able to announce a new passenger coach series – it is currently being drawn. But all of this depends on sales demand – so we are hoping for your continued support.

I hope 2021 will be a good year for the model train business in general, and that we all will be able to regain normality. I wish you all


Kasper Bang Jensen, owner 

NFJ, GDS & HP private railway PF

In short time – medio December – we will release our 2nd series of PF open waggons from Danish private railways.

This time models will be of Nordfynske Privatbaner (NFJ), Gribskovbanen (GDS) and Hjørring Privatbaner (HP). The items have now been added to our website.

Right now, the cars are in transit to Denmark, and according to the latest shipment update they should be arriving here in Albertslund on 14th December 2020.

DSB IV and Specialvogn 468

If you wonder why there is a time gap between our updates here on the website, it is only due to us being busy making new models!

First of all we will start this update with saying thank you to all who supported the PF/PFR projects, including all the emails and messages from satisfied customers. Thank you!

Therefore all our current DSB versions, HHJ and FFJ are sold out from our side – but check with your dealer – maybe they have one left.

In addition to the 1st run of PF from private railways we introduced the none rebuild IV cars as a Q4 2020 new item, but it seems to have been drowned out by the PF release….

The IV cars will be done I 3 numbers in white with individually different lettering (DK-872111-13) and a special waggon from the DSB machinery service department in grey (DK-872114). The items are now on the website and ready to pre-order at your Dekas dealer.

The cars will be shipped from China in December, and either they are arriving between X-mas and New Year, or they will be the first Dekas release in 2021.

Please note that this is a one-time model, and tooling will be changed after this run.

Private railway PF – HTJ, FFJ and HHJ

Unfortunately our shipment with DSB PF/PFR didn’t make it with last weekend’s air shipment from Hong Kong to Copenhagen, due to low air freight capacity. But it is now confirmed to be with this weekend’s air freight. The cars will therefore be dispatched to the shops this coming week.

This week the factory shipped one more pallet to us, with air freight, including 1st batch of PF wagons from the private railways – including HTJ, FFJ and HHJ branches. These items has now been added to our homepage.

DK-873009 HTJ PF 135, with handbrake
DK-873010 HTJ PF 136, with brakeplatform

DK-873012 FFJ PJ 1300, with handbrake
DK-873013 HHJ PF 152, with handbrake

We made a small flyer (only in Danish) with the cars.

The cars will be in the shops in 2 weeks time ~12th November 2020.

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