PFB, IVO and peat wagons in the shops

Last week we delivered out our latest series of DSB PF open wagons; one series of wagons with airpreassure system; 3 wagons with “peat fentch” – one handbrake, one airpreassure brake and one with brakehouse; and final both a rerun of the brakehouse wagon and a new number. The new brakehouse PFR is fitted with 4 blocks brakes, where previous delivered has been with 8 brakeblocks.

Together with the PF series, was also our IVO cheesewagon released. The wagon is based on our IV series, with the outside shelf holders added as etched details. This wagon is with Swedish transport doc holder, so also useful for traffic outside Denmark.

Besides the newly arrived items, we are continuing with the announced new items.

TMZ is in the final stage of production. Before the Chinese new year holiday all chassis where fully assembled, and when the factory gets back to work after this weekend, the final assembly of bodies and full loco is starting. We are hoping to be able to release the first locos just before the easter.

As soon as the TMZ is finished in production, the production of the SJ Y2 rubbernoses will begin.

The CO coaches we released in early summer 2023 is very close to be fully sold out – there are a few pcs left of the 876122 and 23, but they are soon gone. The follow up coach – DSB CL – is finished in design and we have uploaded artwork drawings to the product side. The tooling is on progress and we expect to show the first testshoots in April 2024.

The projest with insulated tank wagons and the SJ Ge/Gs is so far on schedule – both expected to be released over the summer.

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