About Dekas

What is Dekas?

Dekas was founded in 2011 by Kasper Bang Jensen, who after some years as an employee at another Danish model train manufacturer wanted to try something new.

In 2013 we were contacted by company McK, who asked if we wanted to construct and produce their coming models – with that a stable cooperation was born. After the first models had been released and the European market got to know about our level, we got more inquiries from other manufacturers who wanted Dekas to construct and produce for them.

Today Dekas is supplier to a number of other model train manufacturers around Europe, but also producing own models with mostly Danish and Swedish prototypes. The models are all produced at our partner factory in China, with a workforce of 120 people, who nearly all work for Dekas and our customers.

Who are Dekas?

Kasper Bang Jensen
Owner. Born in 1983. Educated bachelor in electronic engineering from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) in 2011. Has since 2015 been in charge of production of models and injection moulded parts, produced in China.

Allan Hansen
Born in 1992. Allan is graduated technical designer, and at Dekas he is in charge of 3D CAD drawings of our models and color-layout drawings.

Martin Markussen
Born in 1986. Martin has a master’s degree in business development and marketing. He has many years of experience in sales, administration, communication and marketing – Martin is responsible for the administration, communication and marketing at Dekas.

Where is Dekas?

Dekas is located at Adeo-Os Office Hotel in Albertslund (west side of Copenhagen), at the following address:

c/o Adeoos Office
Herstedvang 8
2620 Albertslund

We can be reached at info@dekas.dk