TMZ in the shops, coming releases

This week we have recieved our TX logistik TMZ 1422 locos, which has now been shipped to the shops who preordered. These locos unfortunally got a bit delayed, due to a paiting error we had to fix, before delivery was ready. .

All announced versions of TMZ locos are therefor now on stock, and ready for delivery.

Coming releases

This year the productionsflow on the factory is much more stable and smoothrunning, so are the releases of new items. To not make a long text, we have stated below the expected release dates, as they are expected from todays stand.

  • SJ Y2K – Kustpilen – Juli/August 2024
  • SJ Hbis (872211-13) – primo August 2024
  • SJ Ge/Gs, ASG Ge/Gs, DSB LQ (872311-18) – primo August 2024
  • Tankvogne (871028-32) – ultimo August 2024
  • TWA-800B – primo September 2024
  • MX / TMX – primo October 2024
  • CL coaches – expt November 2024
  • SJ & GreenCargo Lnps 891 – expt. Q1/2 2025
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