New liveries of Tankcars and IGK delivery in July

Today we have added 2 new products to our online catalogue. It is 2 new liveries of our 24cbm Einheits tankcars.

DK-871016: DSB ZE 503 298, JAF
DK-871017: 21 RIV 86 DSB 720 2 831-9, SHELL

The shipment of these cars will arrive on ~15th June 2020 together with around half of the produced SJ Q12 tankcars (DK-871020~23), and will be sent to the dealers who preordered.

Our IGK  (DK-872101~10) was last week shipped from the factory in China. Due to extreme high airfreight prices we decided to ship them all by sea freight to Denmark. The are this week loaded to the boat and planning to arrive mid July 2020. 

In the meantime we updated our product flyer with pictures of the mass-produced cars.

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