It has gradually become a tradition that every year I write a bit about how the year has gone in Dekas and what we are betting on for the future – and it can only get better and brighter!

The year actually started quite well, and we chose to expand the staff with one more – Martin, who started on the 1st of March 2022. But at the same time Ukraine was invaded….

Even though we have neither production nor trade with the Easterneuropean countries, it had its impact, as the US dollar – in which we calculate tools and goods – rose sharply (about 20%), and at the same time there was a halt in the desire to buy around Europe. However, the desire to buy returned after a few months and the goods we got home, have all sold really well – for which I would like to thank all retailers and end customers.

However at the same time, China has been operating with severe Corona restrictions, which meant that the shipment of goods from the factory was constantly delayed – and still is. Here at the end of the year, however, things have brightened and I very much hope that we in 2023, can get back up to normal speed.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of all these aforementioned problems, was that through 2023 we received very few OEM orders for new products. Which has put the company under even greater pressure – a large part of our daily income came from OEM.

So it hasn’t in any ways been the easiest year as the owner of Dekas, and it has also caused quite a few sleepless nights when the bills piled up.

However one can choose to use all this destructively, or to change direction – and I have chosen the latter.

Throughout 2022, we have participated in a significant number of fairs, and here we were very well received, usually with people expressing a desire for more Dekas models. This meant that in September, when Allan decided to stop at Dekas, I wrote that Dekas in the future would cut down on OEM and focus more on Dekas own products. This requires, however, that we both create finances to be able to invest in new molds, as well as getting better warehouse logistics.

That is why we are starting the new year – 2023 – by moving. We during February are moving from the Adeo office hotel in Albertslund, to Reskavej 6 in Korsør (in the C&P inspection building). Here we get better premises that are more suitable for what we need in the future – i.e. bigger and better storage facilities and a smaller office, and much closer to my private address in Slagelse.

At the same time, I have said goodbye to the employees – i.e. that at the end of March I am alone in Dekas – though, Ulrik Tarp Jensen is still helping with research and historical texts. This way, I have been able to ensure that new Dekas models can be go on the market – even if there are delays and it might sell a little slower, because I don’t have to pay, a not inconsiderable amount, for salaries every day.

So in the midst of all this upheaval, I am very positive about the future.

….and I am looking forward to 2023.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Kasper Bang Jensen

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