A time when much is changing


This week, the last TMXs (VIDA and Tågkraft) have been shipped from the factory and are on its way by plane. We are therefore hoping to be able to deliver them at the beginning of next week (week 37)

Unfortunately, production is going a little slower than expected, (though still much better than in 2021 – a year with very few deliveries). Next month, however, the factory will open a new department for spray painting, tampon printing and assembly – which means that our production capacity will approximately double, so when we round the New Year we should be up to full speed again.

Because of this, we have the following delivery dates for the presented news:

CM passenger cars: October/November 2022

QGR with brake housings: November/December 2022

Y2 Kustpilen: Q4/2022

The current delays means that we have pushed our new catalog to mid-October 2022.
But I can already reveal that there are new models in the pipeline – both for traction and wagons.

Dekas in the future:

Unfortunately, our CAD designer during past 5 years – Allan – has chosen to seek new challenges and will start on a new education as carpenter at the end of October. I wish him the best of luck with it all and thank him for the great work he has done at Dekas – he will definitely be missed. However, Allan does not disappear right away, as he continues on part time during the first six months of the education.

Because of this, I have been considering a lot about what the future of Dekas should be. Until now, the biggest part of our daily work has been drawing and producing for others, and our own models have been something we did occasionally, when the time was right. However, I can see that our own models are experiencing a great rise in popularity, while at the same time as OEM it is difficult to make a profit on with the rising inflation. In addition to that, there is the task of finding a replacement for Allan – skilled model train designers is not easy to find, and training a new one will take a long time and cost a pretty amount of money.

I have therefore made the decision to not take on a new designer, and at the same time cutting down on new OEM productions, and instead focus most of the resources on our own Dekas products.

So, despite fewer people, we’re going full steam ahead and I’m looking forward to presenting our upcoming news for October.

Kasper Bang Jensen

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