DSB IV and Specialvogn 468

If you wonder why there is a time gap between our updates here on the website, it is only due to us being busy making new models!

First of all we will start this update with saying thank you to all who supported the PF/PFR projects, including all the emails and messages from satisfied customers. Thank you!

Therefore all our current DSB versions, HHJ and FFJ are sold out from our side – but check with your dealer – maybe they have one left.

In addition to the 1st run of PF from private railways we introduced the none rebuild IV cars as a Q4 2020 new item, but it seems to have been drowned out by the PF release….

The IV cars will be done I 3 numbers in white with individually different lettering (DK-872111-13) and a special waggon from the DSB machinery service department in grey (DK-872114). The items are now on the website and ready to pre-order at your Dekas dealer.

The cars will be shipped from China in December, and either they are arriving between X-mas and New Year, or they will be the first Dekas release in 2021.

Please note that this is a one-time model, and tooling will be changed after this run.

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