During this week our models of DSB PF/PFR (873001¨8) were dispatched from the factory in China, by air.

We are hoping that the shipment arrives here early next week, so the models will be available in the shops around 30th October 2020.

The models have been well received, so even at this time they are close to being fully pre-booked. So contact your local Dekas dealer if you like one of these models – they might have one left.

At the same time the massproduction of our TMX is on the go at the factory and currently in the painting process.

Below is a snapshot of the color samples of bodies – Tågkraft TMX 1042 (to the left) and VIDA TMX 1024 (to the right). Please note that the bodies have different details and lamp locations in accordance with prototypes.

The TMX will be in the shops in early December 2020.

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